3 Reasons To Invest In Gaming

June 23, 2020 | INK Games

Valued around $160+ billion for 2020, the gaming industry is on a growth streak that’s unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Here’s 3 strong reasons why you should get in as early as possible. 


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Pre-pandemic projections for the gaming industry put it at $300 billion by 2025. Considering the spike in player activity and new user acquisitions caused by quarantine across all gaming platforms, that number will certainly go up. Estimates on how long it will be until things get back to normal vary, but until then, gaming’s accessibility continues to draw thousands of first-time users, plenty of which will be fans long after quarantine.

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Multiple industries are scrambling to stay afloat during quarantine. Developers and studios are also scrambling, but instead it’s to capitalize on their products that are perfectly suited for staying home. It may surprise you to hear that online grocers and gaming are the two leading markets in the year's 1st quarter. But then again, it might not.


Key partnerships and new ideas have kept the gaming industry on its toes for the past few years. We posted an article covering some of those partnerships in early April, and one month later there’s already been big new developments. Travis Scott’s live performance inside the world of Fortnite, the NBA teaming up with Microsoft, and Facebook announcing its launch of a gaming app, to name just a few! Collaborations like these will only gain speed going forward, giving gaming far more reach than ever before.

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Gaming has become a cultural staple across multiple generations and walks of life. Its impact on society increases every year, along with the profit margins to prove it. The right signs are there for all to see, the only question is who will get onboard early enough? At INK Games, our goal is to integrate our payment engine into the booming economy of gaming, and include players in the revenues of the platform, and you can join us. By being a part of the build, you’re claiming a personal stake in the INK Games platform, and all the commerce that runs through it. In an industry that changes and innovates quickly, you can be sure of one thing; gaming’s not going anywhere.

-The INK Games Team

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