June User Update And Community Highlights

June 30, 2020 | INK Games


For the month of July ONLY, invite your friends to join INK Games and earn DOUBLE the Influence Points on their first purchase! That means you get 50% of Zip Codes or Card Packs of any rarity!

We’ve got something for our new players, too. In July, new users who join INK Games will receive a $50 credit to be used for INK Zip Code purchases. This credit will be automatically applied to a new user’s account upon sign up.


Our team has been working hard to create the best experience for our players. We’ve added new Dashboard features to make it easier for you to see when your money is coming in. You will now get notifications when you receive IP or a new credit reward, be able to see your current earnings and view a countdown to the next upcoming payday! We’re also developing some cool improvements to our payment engine - the one that allows our players to get paid for the connections of their followers. Stay tuned for more on these exciting updates! 


The Summer Sale has ended and our players scooped up some PRIME beachfront real estate! Congrats to those who claimed their Summer Packs and coastal Legendary Zip Codes that were ONLY available during this sale. Stay tuned for the next wave of the sale coming soon! 


Our players earned over 6 million Influence Points in referred zip code sales this month! Check out our top payout earners and Zip Code owners for the month of June! 

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